Sunday, April 18, 2010

Warlord Miniatures: a Closer Look

As promised, this column will take a closer look at the new line of 28mm miniatures from Warlord Games. I ordered my first two packages about five weeks ago, from Noble Knight Games, and received them three days later. My first selections were a "personality set' consisting of a mounted figure of Prince Rupert, looking very much like the cover picture on Osprey's "Edgehill" , and his famous war-poodle "Boye". Both are well cast in white metal, with minimal flash and mold-lines. This set is deserving of special effort in painting, and I have put mine aside to be a "reward" when I finish my first tercio of three regiments.

The second set was one of the much-anticipated plastic boxes, this one of Royalist Cavalry. Let us establish right here that the only difference in the Royalist and Parliamentary Cavalry boxes is the outer artwork, and a printed sheet inside the box, with historical notes and a half dozen ECW and TYW flags. The same holds true of the infantry boxes, with the Covenanters having four metal command figures and several sprues of bonnets to change their look.

The cavalry sprues are brilliantly executed. There are four basic figures, minus right arms and the top of their heads. This allows the modeler to build his lads with flint pistols(Carried upright or extended), Wheel-locks(the same), four swords (two upright, two leveled), or a horn or cornet.

Headwear offers the same type of options. Each sprue offers two soft hats, a montero cap, and four different "lobster pots". One rider on each sprue has a carbine sling, so one is provided, as is a cavalry warhammer.

The torsos have a mix of two in buffcoat, one in breastplate over leather, and one with thi gh armor. There are three of these sprues per box.

The horses are two piece models, plus saddle holsters(in two styles). Clipping of the pistol butt gives a nice effect on the models brandishing their pistols. Bases supplied allow single figures (1x2 inch) or two figures(2x2).

The set assembles into twelve very attractive figures.

The infantry boxes contain three sprues that build a total of twent-four musketeers and twelve pikemen. A command sprue allows great variety in building an officer, ensign and a musician. Parts from this sprue and the extra torso on the other sprues allow the building of up to three sergeants.
There are thirteen different hats on the three main sprues. This allows alot of variation, especially when working with more than one box. Bases are included for single figures, two three, 2x2, and a row of five. There are a few extras in each box.

A nice set for those wanting to try out the plastic line, is the "Firelock Storming Party". This set contains two beautiful metal figures, an officer with prtisan, and a drummer armed with a pistol. There are sixteen small sprues, each with a running torso, two sets of arms with flintlock (one pointing forward, the other at port arms), and two pieces of headgear, a soft hat and a montero cap. Thse hats are interchangeable with those in the infantry sets. A sprue of bases, identical to that found in the infantry boxes, is included. This will help give you some "extras" if you buy the blister packs of metal figures!

One of the metal sets, full of "attitude" is the Clubmen blister. Eight figures, with two sprues of weapons, these are great for skirmish games such as "Sword and Pistol", or as a small unit defending a village against foragers. These were painted by my friend Dan. I like the personality he brings to his work.

By the way, I will be landscaping and flocking my bases this week as soon as I finish my Scots.

Other sets, to be examined later, include the Scots Covenanters, Dragoons, artillery(sakers, mortars and Scottish fframes), metal blister packs of pikemen in heavy armor, infantry command, specialists,and command figures of Essex and Cromwell.

I have had great success purchasing Warlord figures online from Noble Knight games, here in the US, from Warlord Games and Wayland Games in the UK, and in shop at the Griffon in South Bend, Indiana. Fine service and fast shipping from all!

Next time, an in depth look at "Wargamer's Guide to the English Civil War", my personal favorite rules.

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